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8th & 9th June, 2013

Venue:  Nuui Auditorium, T.T.A.A.D.C, Khumulwng

Organised by

Department of History

Government Degree College, Khumulwng,

Jirania, Tripura State, India

Ph: 0381-2530127

In collaboration with, T.T.A.A.D.C.,Tripura.

About the State:

Tripura is the second smallest state of the Indian Nation. Initially, a Union Territory but in the year 1972 the status of Tripura was elevated to a full fledged state. The very first thing that one notices about Tripura is its natural beauty and its picturesque landscape. The rolling hills, dales, lush green valleys all add an extra dimension to ones understanding about Tripura. Tripura is surrounded by Bangladesh on three sides and she shares her domestic borders with Mizoram and Assam.


 The climate of Tripura is tropical climate and the place receives rainfall during the monsoons. The average maximum temperature is 36 * C in May-June and the average minimum is 10`5* C in December- January. The monsoon starts generally in month of April and continues till September.


Tripura comprises of a variety of ethno-linguistic groups, which have resulted in a composite culture. The dominant culture is Bengali. The minority cultures are those of Tripuri, Jamatia, Reang, Noatia, Koloi, Chakma, Halam, Mog and Uchai. Considering the situation for safeguarding tribals of the state, Autonomous District Council was introduced in the Hilly areas of Tripura.


Khumulwng is a town in the West Tripura district of Tripura and  is situated 25 km from Agartala. The Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) headquarter was shifted to Khumulwng in the year 1996 .  The College and the Department:

The Faculty of History, Govt. Degree College, Khumulwng, is organizing a UGC-Sponsored National Seminar on 8-9thJune 2013. More than 100 teachers, researchers and students from all over the country are expected to participate in the Seminar and present their papers.

Government Degree College, Khumulwng is a nascently-shaped Degree College in the state of Tripura and is recognized as College with Potential for Excellence by Tripura University and Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Tripura.

Since its establishment the College is serving as a hub of learning and research in different fields.

Khumulwng is well connected by road, rail and air. It is about 25 kilometres from the main city, Agartala. The college campus and the venue of the conference is about 8 kilometres from Jirania Railway station, 5 kilometers from Jirania Bus Stand and about 40 kilometres from Agartala Airport. It has several low-priced flights between Agartala and other cities in India. Participants are required to book their tickets well in advance so that they may reach Khumulwng on or before 8thJune, 2013 and leave by 10thJune, 2013. Participants coming from outside Tripura will be paid train/bus fare from their home towns to Khumulwng, Tripura,  on  production of tickets.Objectives of the Conference:

The seminar is designed to meet the interests and needs of newcomers to the field as well as those who already have a certain knowledge or experience of their own they want to present and share. The proposed conference also aims at bringing together teachers, students and young researchers from all over the country working in all the branches of English literature and Linguistics. The national conference will have invited talks and paper presentation sessions. Efforts will be made to bring out the proceedings.


Theme and sub-theme:

There is a paucity of themes and sub- themes to deal the Seminar” Colonial North east- with Special Reference to Tripura”. The history of the colonial activities, freedom movements, Socio-economic, political and art and culture of the people of this region for the period under discussion may be illustrate by this seminar. The participation and contribution of the people of this region in the uprising of 1857, Partition of 1905, Non- cooperation Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement, Quite India Movement etc are legendary.

Sub- themes of the seminar:

1.     Extension and enhancement of British power in North East India.

2.     Annexation of Assam.

3.     The princely states.

4.     Radical Movements.

5.     Freedom Movements.

6.     Revolutionary Movements.

7.     Missionary’s activities.

8.     Partition of -1905

9.      Rise of Political parties and activities.

10.  Unification of the states under India.

11.   Migration and Immigration.

12.   Administrative Developments.

13.   Socio-religious, eco- cultural change among the communities.

14.   Industrial developments and Tea Industries.

15.   Rabindranath Tagore and North East India

16.   Sachin Debbarman- bard of the soil. Call for Papers :

 Abstracts (not more than 200 words) of papers for presentation should be sent to the Organising Secretary latest by May 28th, 2013 along with the registration fee. Full papers should be e-mailed by 5th June, 2013.  All submissions should be original having a certificate attached that the paper has not been presented in any seminar before and /or published in any journal within and outside India. Only selected papers will be published.   Each participant will be given 15 minutes for presentation which will be followed by discussion for about 10 minutes. 

All participants are requested to fill up the Registration Form and send it to the Organising Secretary on or before 5th June, 2013, along with the full paper and the registration fee through DD drawn in favour of "Organizing Secretary” payable at S.B.I., M.B.B. College Branch, Agartala.


Registration fee:-    Rs 500/- for teachers and sponsored persons

                                    Rs 200/- for students and research persons


As far as possible, participants will be accommodated in the A.D.C. Guest House and on shared basis. TA/DA to University/College teachers will be paid as per the University rules. There is no room for spouses to be accommodated.Foreign Delegates:

 Participant from abroad are welcome. However, because of the paucity of funds, it will not be possible for the department to provide any financial support. The department will be glad to help them find accommodation etc if a request is made well in advance.



Participants will have breakfast and dinner at the Guest House itself. However, lunch will be served at the Seminar venue which will contain both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items.


For queries write/contact:


                Dr. D. Chakrabarti: -     Contact no: 9402137370

                                                        E-mail: cdipankar2013@gmail.com

            Dr. Nirmal Bhadra :-  Contact no: 9862973971

                  E-mail: nirmalbhadra@yahoo.com

            Sri Satyajit Roy:-       Contact no: 9774208183

            Smt. Shyamashree  Sarkar:-  Contact no: 9862478217

                                                            E-mail: sarkarshyamashree@gmail.com





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